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Next Chapter Solution sells and trains on Adilas.biz software as a service. ADILAS is an acronym for “All Data is Live and Searchable.”Adilas.biz is an online server-based application where you can store and track all of your business data and records.

The data is always yours – you can search and export to Excel to create your own reports or use the common business reports we have prepared for you. Users can store and organize all of their documents, much like dropbox or box and inclusive of customer management, inventory control, scheduling, billing and accounting tools.

All the top business experts agree technology and data are key to success in the future. Next Chapter Solutions can help your business evolve into its next chapter.


Next Chapter Solution manages your accounts for online server-based applications.  Through our solutions you can store and track data for your daily business operations and backend accounting needs. Custom analytics, provided by Next Chapter Solutions, will help you make good business decisions.

 Next Chapter Solutions provides a collection of business tools and services customized to your needs.

We provide business management tools including training on software as a service for customer relationship management, inventory control, point of sale, accounting platforms and more.

Next Chapter Solutions mission is to help businesses organize their workflow and data management to maximize efficiencies. The physical activities in your business need a virtual representation. Next Chapter Solutions provides resources to stream line business growth and offers training on various business tools and management techniques.