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4 Pressing Sales Problems to Fix in 2016 [Infographic]

It happened multiple times at my previous job.

I went through our CRM and saw that the rest of the team wasn’t using it. I wasn’t even the manager. I was a sales rep who just wanted to know if someone was already working a prospect I found.

Someone had put the contact information into the CRM … but left no notes. Did they have a call? Did they email the buyer? If they did, what did they talk about? To make it worse, this colleague was on vacation, so I couldn’t call to ask.

This happened over and over again. I’d find a prospect, but realize they were already in the CRM, with no notes.

CRM usage wasn’t my problem. It was my manager’s responsibility to make everyone use the CRM. I knew she was 10 times as frustrated as I was about our team not properly inputting data.

Unsurprisingly, my old team wasn’t the only one having this problem (plus dozens more). Through a survey of over 700 sales professionals, we found the biggest challenges sales teams face.

Discover the four most serious sales challenges reps face in 2016.

Click Here to read them in a fun Infograph.

Source: 4 Pressing Sales Problems to Fix in 2016 [Infographic] Written by David Ly Khim

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