Everything Next Chapter Solution provides will be customized to you and your story. We have some great characters, tools and ideas, but the story is yours to write.

Here is a good place to start:

ADILAS: All Data is Live and Searchable:

Your introduction to ADILAS is free! Once you decide to use the system, Next Chapter Solution offers:

  • Adilas set-up consulting
  • Adilas implementation and
  • Adilas training

Click here for more information about Adilas.


Whether you need just a little help keeping your website and blog up to date or you need a complete marketing strategy, Next Chapter Solution can help with

  • Online Content Creation
  • Social Media Over-site
  • Web Development Consulting
  • Text & Email Solutions

Inventory, Services and Sales Consulting:

Whether or not you decide to use Adilas, Next Chapter Solution consultants can help to organize your inventory monitoring and maximize efficiencies in your inventory management.

  • Align sales & marketing efforts.
  • On-site assessment of inventory control procedures for inventory reconciliation. Assessment of current inventory on hand and current sales reports for accuracy and trends.
  • Development of Correction Action Plan with facility owner/management: Plan could include development of strategy for marketing, tracking inventory, worksheets, and recommendations for ordering or new policies and procedures.
  • On-site visit to review, train and implement the developed corrective action plan.
  • Auditing & Oversite for compliance and regulatory purposes.
  • Secret shopping.

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