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Three Things Small Businesses Need To Do In The New Year – Forbes

The holidays are officially behind us, which means folks are getting back to work and back to their routines. But what happens when your routine just isn’t cutting it for you? For many small business owners, routines can actually hurt you… or more specifically, your business… if you don’t allow yourself to mix things up, try new things and approach business from a different perspective every now and again. To help jump-start your 2016, consider incorporating these three things into your business – whether for the first time, with more robust efforts than in the past or as a second attempt to a failed first endeavor.

#1: Attend Educational Experiences Unique to Small Businesses or Your Unique Business Category

#2: Seek Data Data From Unexpected Places

#3: Participate In Omni-Channel Marketing

Finally, challenge yourself to view your business from a variety of perspectives other than your own. Consider how your employees perceive your business, how your customers perceive your business, how your competitors perceive your business and even how local, non-competitive businesses perceive your business. Are you 110% satisfied with what you believe they see? Or how theyunderstand your business to be? If not – and for nearly ever business, this should be the case – aim to strengthen the areas in which your business may be perceived poorly.

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