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5 Keys To The Success Of Your Online Store – Digital Shyft

Adilas has easy integration to share inventory live on the web, allowing customers to reserve or place orders, see past orders, and process payments.

Both retail and service providers should be seeking ways to have their customers be able to order, reserve and purchase online.

Adilas makes e-commerce easy, allowing for seed to online sale tracking. Checkout digital shyfts advice for preparing for online stores:

Internet retail sales in the US will grow 10% a year through 2015 as shoppers spend more time online.

By 2018, US online market sales will reach an estimated $492bn. This currently stands at $304bn. 72% are more likely to buy from a brand they follow on social media. E-commerce will represent 10% of all sales by 2017. You want to be a part of this growing retail market!

We know that eliminating the middleman works. Think producers of oranges and vegetables that sell directly to consumers. Selling online can eliminate that pesky 10-50% of monetary loss by eliminating the middleman. Online stores have the ability to eliminate links in the distribution chain. So you can literally take in all your profits.

Source: 5 Keys To The Success Of Your Online Store – Digital Shyft

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