About Seed to CPA

It Starts as a Business Plan and Becomes an ERP

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the integrated management of main business processes, often in real time and mediated by software and technology. There is no business too small or too large for our solutions for software. We can you help you customize your software suite. Whether you are starting up, collecting seed funds, or are a larger cooperation looking for customizable software solutions, we have you covered. Software solutions from start of your business to reporting to your certified public accountant (CPA).

Our software strategies and plans include software for invoices and sales, point of sale, vendor management, customer management, and a full accounting platform.

We offer integrated web designs and informational technology solutions. We call this, Seed to CPA



Easy to Use Software

We provide business tracking software and strategies for up-to-the-minute information, data, and reports. Tracking business sales, invoices and expenses are the first business records any business owner will need. In our solutions, accounting reports including accounts receivable and accounts payable are automated.  A single click allows you to view your inventory, products or services, and customers with descriptions, pricing, logs, photos and files ect. In depth customer records and tools for email and text messaging can be part of your custom solution. Supply Chain Management is a breeze with our favorite inventory control systems. Regardless of what type of business you are, we have a plan for you!

On the Internet – All The Time

We offer cloud based software solutions, business plans and training strategies. This means, you can access your business  from anywhere, any time. Commercially hosted, state of the art web hosting solutions provide reliability and scalability. A business plan, a real-time virtual business platform and a  beautiful website is all you need.

Centrally Located Files and Data

Our strategies will organize your business files, records and receipts. All strategies are server-based and only requires a an internet connection. We handle all of your updates, plugins and operational training.  Our strategies include softwares that will work on device and any operating system. Your software will be available and working for you 24/7 so that things like business trips, remote workers, multiple locations, and after hours access is no problem and part of the solution.

Always Up-To-Date

Solutions are server-based solution which allows us to update the application on the fly to provide the latest changes and updates. You will never need to install another version or patch. All updates are handled on the server(s) and dynamically passed along to all users regardless of operating systems.


Empower The People Who Work For You

All of our solutions are permission-based system that can be customized for each user. Permissions and trainings are customizable to ensure users have training on a “need to know” basis. We will empower you with the ability to assign only the permissions that are needed for each user. All permissions are checked on every page and completely hidden if unassigned. This keeps all of your  interfaces simple and direct.


Data is King: Enter Once – Use Many

There are a lot of connecting peices of any business. As you enter data into various software systems, ideally they will communication as needed. Our strategies allow your business employees and customers to enter data once at the point of action. The data is then passed to the next step for approval, verification, and posting. This eliminates the need for multiple data entry and possible duplication or mistakes. As long as the data is correct, let it flow to marketing, payroll, finance, wherever it needs to go!


No Limits

We have plans for any number of locations, vendors, payees, users, customers, inventory items, banks, corporations, PO’s, invoices, quotes, recipe/builds, stock/units, check requests, expense/receipts, deposits, statements, etc. Even if you have multiple corporations, you can access data in your other corporations at the click of a button.

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