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Silicon Valley financiers investing in marijuana | ADILAS420 | All Data is Live and Searchable for Marijuana Businesses

Adilas is being used by the marijuana industry because of its in depth inventory control capabilities. Adilas allows for barcode scanning, RFID tracking and GPS real time communication. Adilas420 consultants train on the system and provide business consulting services for marijuana business owners. It seems like all smart people are getting involved 😉

“The ArcView Group, which sells research data to industry investors, says legalization of recreational use in California could more than double the national marijuana market – currently estimated at $2.7 billion in annual sales in states with legal medicinal or social use. But the Golden State initiative is merely another unfolding chapter in the fast-evolving market for marijuana-related businesses in California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Canada and beyond.

Though many investors remain hesitant to fund marijuana cultivation, they’re putting money into startups that provide services for cannabis businesses. The industry also is attracting top talent from technology, banking and finance.” – The Sacramento Bee

Source: MJ Resources & News | ADILAS420 | All Data is Live and Searchable for Marijuana Businesses

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