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These Will Be The Top 5 Business Challenges Of 2016

FastCompany includes understanding the relationship between technology, the physical environment and work flow as a top challenge for businesses in 2016. Next Chapter Solution provides consulting on precisely that. Adilas is a great choice for companies who have a lot of remote employees. 

As the word “employee” has become harder to define, so too has the word “workplace,” thanks in part to those contingent workers, remote employees, and a slew of new technologies that have made physical distance less of a factor.

“One of the changes that I’m seeing is more of a virtual workforce, and a workforce that’s more adaptable and more global,” says Harry Osle, the global HR solutions practice leader for The Hackett Group. “What does that mean for HR? They need to be more adaptable, and they need to be more focused on driving innovation from a technology perspective to support that workforce.”

“What’s happening in companies is they’re trying to figure out how to radically redesign their entire workplace to adapt to the always-on worker, and that’s why there’s a massive growth of open offices and companies that offer temporary work locations,” he says. “It’s really becoming mainstream, and most companies are confused as to how to do it, so design firms are playing a big part in this.”

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